Versus is the adaptation of Carl Craig’s techno masterpieces into powerful symphonic versions.

Versus originally premiered in 2008, with a unique live debut at La Cité de La Musique, Paris, where Carl Craig was joined by Les Siècles orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth, the techno mastermind Moritz von Oswald and Francesco Tristano who arranged and orchestrated all the tracks. The performance, one of the first of its kind to combine electronic and classical composition, received five standing ovations and had over 1 million views online of the original filmed recording. 



The combined occasions of the “Versus” album release on InFiné Music and the label’s 10th anniversary prompted Planet E and dif productions to present a unique live version of this exceptional project: the Versus Synthesizer Ensemble, with and exceptional staging, rarely seen on this type of concert. 

The Versus Synthesizer Ensemble live show is also planned, where Carl Craig will be joined on stage by five musicians, together interpreting the music from the album on to a synthesizer wall.  



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