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The outstanding career of Rone has a lot to do with the numerous videos that have illustrated his music. For his latest video, “Origami”, Rone surrounded himself with his faithful friends : Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka (Spanish Beakfast), Dimitri Stankowicz (Bye Bye Macadam), Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet and Thomas Pons.

Rone- Origami

Rone- Origami



All together, they form the Klub Simon collective“Origami”s video was directed with the Exquisite Corpse game in mind : an artistic game invented by the surrealists, which consists in writing a text with words successively proposed by each player. In order to obtain an homogeneous result, the four directors imposed themselve three visual and technical restraints: a common theme - the tiny and the huge -, a common range of colours and the perfect synchronization of the images and the music.

Here’s a few words from the directors about this unconventional and singular video-clip:


To what extent the restraints that you decided to impose yourselves helped to feed the project?

Pierre-Emmanuel: We were given the chance by Rone to do whatever we wanted, we remained free in the process. Usually, the restraints force you to make choices and limit the possibilities, that’s especially true in animated films. But eventually, we imposed ourselve to synchronize the image to the sound, it’s a flexible restraint which is constructive if it’s relevant.

Dimitri: It helped us to focus on a particular objective, to remain consistent. It also gave us the opportunity to work with a range of colour that we wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

Thomas: I think the framework of the Exquisite Corpse game, eventually unlocked a wider field of possibilities. Paradoxically, it helped us to get rid of our complexes.

Vladimir: The « huge and tiny » restrain led us to play with different scales. The « balance between figurative and abstract » restrain made us create coloured atmospheres, but also darker vibes.

What was the source of inspiration?

Dimitri: Science, and particles, atoms and molecules. I started to wonder about what would a child have done with those particles, how he would have used them.

Pierre-Emmanuel: Each of us picked in its own reference set. I really wanted to do something close to the manga aesthetic,  something completely new for me. Akira, the Daft Punk movie by Matsumoto « Interstella 5555 » were the works I had in minde. I used to watch Grendizer (Goldorak in French) or Cats Eyes as a kid. To some extent, SF movies based on the quest and the travel, like “Innerspace”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Interstellar”.

Thomas: Our common range of images (plant cells, bacteria seen through a microscope, protons collisions) led me to collect various graphic elements. Rone asked us to direct “Origami” in a very instinctive way. I tried to apply it to myself, and listened to the track in my headphones over and over again.

Vladimir: I wanted to approach my part as a construction game, a 2D video game with abstract and simple objects : spheres, cubes that, once they fit together give birth to new forms and new corpses. I found my inspiration from Paul Cox’s work or José Ja Ja Ja.



What does the track "Origami" inspire you?

Dimitri: Something proliferating which goes in many directions at the same time, with peaks and falls, ideal rhythms to modulate the visuals´intensity.  

Pierre-Emmanuel: Speed, travels, immensity. Gravity, as well.

Thomas: The feeling of diving into a quantic theatre with vibrating and moving particles, which interact with each others.

Vladimir: Speed, ascent, explosion, light.


What about Rone's sound identity?

Dimitri: Rone´s music is very aerial and cinematographic. The synth chords and the loops leave space for imagination and improvisation, while maintaining a solid framework.  

Pierre-Emmanuel: I listened to “Mirapolis” and “Creatures” a lot. They are rich and complex albums. Rone’s music is paradoxically energizing and protective, like if you were inside a bubble. 

Thomas: Rone's music is bright, nostalgic and poetic. I remember listening to his albums very loud over and over while working. It had a big influence on my works. This video-clip has a strong symbolic value to me, just like ending an initiation rite.

Vladimir: I listen regularly to Rone’s music. I find it luminous, falsly naive, disturbing, complex, epic, fantastic and most of all very inspiring. That’s why he produced the original soundtrack of all my short films.


Squashed Screen_Origami


What's the story told by this video?

Dimitri: This is a harsh question, given that we’re talking about an exquisite corpse game. I personally enjoyed illustrating this narrative path, which kind of leads from the atom to the organism.

Pierre-Emmanuel: There are four narrative pieces that fit together. Four different stories divided in twenty four sequences. They all tell different things, which mean something to each of us. Those stories respond mutually, unconsciously to each other. But at the end, this video tells a story, that wasn’t written, when we started.

Thomas: I wanted to tell the story of a complete immersion into the material itself, as if you penetrated in a painting.

Vladimir: I wanted to evoke the conception of a child, it basically starts with a kiss, which leads to a foetus running after himself and ends up finding the light : the birth.

Watching the final result, what do you think about it?

Dimitri: Even if it’s hard to take a step back on your own work, we discover some animations that had escaped us. Eventually, I found it very interesting to mix my work with the other one’s.

Pierre-Emmanuel: Hard to have to take a step back now that we just finished it, I’d say I really like the global energy which emerges from it. 

Thomas: I love the idea that music can actually generate very differents things, depending on the sensibility and the imagination of the person who’s listening.

Vladimir: A singular visual orgasm.




What does Rone think about it?

Rone: I didn’t impose any constraint. I just spoke to Vladimir about a project that has been important to me for a long time : produce a series of videoclips linked to each other like an exquisite corpse to finally form a single film. My idea was that the last image from the first video would become the first image of the next one, and so on, resulting in a long weird movie.

Vladimir (an old accomplice who designed the cover of my first two records - Spanish Breakfast & Tohu Bohu) adapted this idea into something that would become a full video of its own, co-directed by Thomas, Pierre-Emmanuel and Dimitri. I already knew Dimitri. He directed « Bye Bye Macadam » (and its 25 millions views on Youtube). I was pleased to meet the two others. Each of them has such an unique style. I love the way the four universes were mixed and merged into a short format. I really love the final result, which seems like an UFO to me, a single and very special object resulting from a collective approach and at the same incredibly intimist. I wrote the song « Origami » while being isolated in a hotel room. Each Klub Simon’s director sets his graphical universe on it, without knowing what the others were going to do on the other side. This simple but exciting concept gives a mysterious vibe to this videoclip, remaining visually homogeneous and coherent.

Pierre Emmanuel Lyet: In 2006, just graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, the director / illustrator / graphist Pierre Emmanuel Lyet. Thanks to the minimalist touch and the spunky narrative evolution of this movie - initially made for the end of his studies - he’s nominated in more than fifteen festivals. Later on, Pierre directs several short films, “Pierre et le Loup”, (directed in collaboration with l’Orchestre National de Paris), “La Nuit Américaine” (nominated at the César 2016 din the “Best Short Film” category). In parallel, he also teaches artistic direction and animated films at LISAA and Ateliers de Sèvres. Website

Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka: Sometimes, the artistic pieces are even more popular than the artist who made them… Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka might be one of them. The animated film director worked with a very diverse range of “client”, from underground labels such as Versatile Records or InFiné to huge medias like Canal +, Arte or France Télévision. His close relationship with music has led him to direct video clips for “Dedans” & “Bouche à Lèvres” by Odezenne (“Best Video Clip” prize winner at the Prix Des Indés 2016) or Rock En Seine 2016 teaser. Vladimir is also responsible for Rone’s first video clip, Spanish Breakfast”. They soon collaborated again, as Vladimir signed the projection mapping on the Tohu Bohu Tour, Erwan also composed the original music of short animated film “La Bête”.  Website

Thomas Pons: Director and 2D animation designer, Thomas Pons is an artist whose work is articulated around music (he signed video clips for FaltyDl or The Lanskies)… or football, in his short animated films ”We Don’t Play Football” and “Kop”. As well as the other directors of “Origami”, he’s graduated from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 2016, he has held an artistic residency at Kyoto’s French Institute. 

Dimitri Stankowicz: You might know him through his animated films for France Television or TV ads (for Jean Paul Gaultier, Converse or Philips), however, it’s Dimitri’s early works in music that has drawn the attention of the public. Björk, Au Revoir Simone and Dan Deacon, amongst others, called out for his services and his dreamy touch. His work includes a large range of different techniques, such as stop motion or digital animation. In 2012, he directed the 26 million views “Bye Bye Macadam” video for Rone. It was just a matter of time before the two collaborated again… Website 


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