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La Fraicheur gets remixed on her upcoming EP "Self Fulfilling Prophecy Remixes" out October 31st

With her debut album Self Fulfilling Prophecy, released by InFiné last June, the French producer closed the loop on the first sequence of her life. A sequence filled with transformations, encounters and collaborations: her successive moves to Montréal and Berlin (where she was closely involved with feminist activism), and her foundational residency at Detroit’s Underground Resistance, among others, informed her authentic, global-minded techno aesthetic. The aptly-named Self Fulfilling Prophecy is thus the honest expression of a artist who has found herself at the center of techno activism, an eloquent testimonial to “how today’s electronic is made.” With the necessary hindsight and application, La Fraicheur has created an opus that blends raging techno with more atmospheric moments. An opus that is now being reviewed in light of the electronic scene’s main pillar: the dancefloor.

Serbian producer Scalameriya (Genesa Records, Perc Trax) takes over The Movements in a chokehold that evokes techno’s struggle against space and bodies; US-based Black Madonna acolyte (and regular Berghain guest) Noncompliant retains almost nothing of album opener Renegade, infusing it with a cerebral regimented acid rhythm; a recent Red Bull Music Academy finalist, Poland’s VTSS topples Eaux Troubles into more industrial territory, in keeping with her musical universe; finally, German duo Fritz Windish and Nayan Soukie infect The New is Not Born Yet’s deep atmosphere with a case of bouncy schaffelfieber.

Noncompliant's "Renegade" remix is the first track from her upcoming EP.



"This remix is a good example of Lisa Smith's uniquely appealing style of techno: it's dark, bouncy and vibrant all at the same time." Resident Advisor





1. The Movements (Scalameriya Remix)
2. Renegade (Noncompliant Remix)
3. Eaux Troubles (VTSS Remix)
4. The New Is Not Born Yet (Soukie & Windish Remix)

Pictures by Chris Mauberqué / Artwork by Motoplastic




29.09.18 - Red 33 - Oaxaca/MX
11.10.18 - Yuyu Club - Mexico City/MX
12.10.18 - WOMXN - Mexico City/MX
13.10.18 - Malinche - Culiacán/MX
19.10.18 - :// About Blank - Berlin/DE
27.10.18 - Péripate - Paris/FR
31.10.18 - Les Docks - Paris/FR
29.11.18 - Wilde Renate - Berlin/DE
08.12.18 - Transmusicales Festival - Rennes/FR

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